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Justin Wiblin 9869b0742f
update mod maven url
2 years ago
blockbench Soul injector model 2 years ago
gradle/wrapper Updates forge to the Recommended Build 3 years ago
src Adds ores to the ores tag 2 years ago
.gitignore Add support for mekanism metals 2 years ago
Jenkinsfile Auto deploy alphas to curseforge 2 years ago
LICENCE Change Licence from ARR to APLv2 2 years ago Update '' 3 years ago
build.gradle update mod maven url 2 years ago Possible auto publish to maven with commit based version 2 years ago
gradlew Initial Commit 3 years ago
gradlew.bat Initial Commit 3 years ago
logo.png Fix up the FE conversion trying to push to the wrong side of the block 3 years ago